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                                             Windshield Replacement

Whatever vehicle you have, we can help replace your windshield.
If the windshield damage is larger than a small chip, crack or quarter coin, or if the crack is in the driver's line of sight, the windshield will most likely need to be replaced. Cracks or holes that go all the way through the glass and cracks that are longer than a credit card usually indicate a replacement is warranted. SMALL CRACKS CAN BECOME A LARGE CRACK WHICH CAN SERIOUSLY OBSTRUCT YOUR VISION ON THE ROAD.
Changing a windshield can be a matter of life or death. A poorly replaced windshield, without using the standards established by the authorities in auto glass, can bring unfortunate results. In the event of a rollover, the windshield is responsible for 30% of your vehicle's structural integrity. Not only does the windshield help prevent the roof from caving in, but it also helps keep passengers from being thrown from the vehicle.  You need to feel safe in the vehicle you drive.  
Our goal is to provide the highest quality materials, we use OEM replacement parts whenever possible at a reasonable price, to ensure you are safe with the windshield of the car you drive. In addition, all our technicians are properly trained  and certified.
We always will let you know about Safe Drive Away Time (SDAT)
SDAT defines the amount of time that your car is required to remain out of service until the windshield installed can properly operate as a safety device.  Cars with passenger side airbags require either more time or a faster acting auto glass adhesive to reach Safe Drive Away Time because of the additional strength necessary to support the deployment of the passenger side airbag.  By adhering to the auto glass adhesive manufacturer's Safe Drive Away Time calculations, FMVSS requirements are met and your car is safe to drive.
In this way we guarantee 100% satisfaction of our customers about the service we provide.
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