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Headlight Restoration and Headlight Repair

Your vehicle’s headlights are constantly exposed to the worst elements and toughest conditions every time you drive.  Over time, they may become dull and yellowed.

Headlights are an integral and important part of your vehicle and should always be maintained to increase visibility for you and other drivers during the early mornings, nights, and foggy weather.

This type of damage is commonly caused by three key factors:

  • Oxidation, Car headlights can become yellowed by prolonged exposure to UV rays. This is particularly common for vehicles that are not stored in a garage.

  • Water Vapor, If the watertight seal around the headlight is worn or damaged, water vapor can condense on the inside of the acrylic lens. This is particularly dangerous during nighttime driving.

  • Driving Conditions, Your car encounters dust, dirt, and rocks on the road each day. Run-ins with debris can scratch and scrape the lens, reducing the effectiveness of your headlight over time.

 Our headlight restoration services will:

  • Smooth pitted surfaces.

  • Erase scratches.

  • Polish headlights, removing any yellowing and returning the acrylic to its original color.

When your car, SUV, truck, or RV has dull or hazy headlights, Our auto glass specialists can help you!


Contact Us today for fast, professional headlight restoration services.

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